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Taking websites beyond design……

…creativity, elegance and functionality combined.
Creating solutions to all your digital challenges.

Beautiful, functional and affordable websites and mobile apps all backed by top quality technical services, advice and support. ASM provide your business with a complete package focused on delivering tangible results across the whole digital spectrum.

Let us develop your online presence into a tool that will drive sales and deliver business growth.

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Web Development

Creativity, elegance and functionality combined to take your website beyond design.
A ‘great’ website needs to look good but it also needs to deliver an excellent user experience. Functionality combined with creativity and elegance to deliver usability that will drive business growth and promote sales.


A unique and creative design approach for every project. By developing an understanding of the needs of the client and their target market we develop designs that protect and enhance their brand identity.

Cross browser
All sites are coded to W3C standards and are cross browser compliant so whether the customer is using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari they will experience the same functionality, usability and design experience.

With the increase in smartphone and tablet usage your site must respond to varying screen resolutions. Responsive design optimises the design, structure and layout of your website to ensure a great user experience regardless of the screen size.

Can the user find the information they need and carry out the task they want? Good functionality is a combination of many factors including navigation structure, page layout, menu style, font style and colour. Combined with a great aesthetic design you get a site that delivers on both looks and actions.

Shopping Cart Integration
From a single product to a catalogue of many thousands we can develop an e-commerce solution that meets your needs. Stock control, special offer codes, order tracking and management and integration with Paypal, Sagepay and other payment gateways are just a few of the options available.

CMS / Blog integration
Google advice is ‘webmasters can improve the rank of their site by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.’ Our Content Management Systems and blog platforms allow the client to develop their website into a valuable content resource for users through simple, easy to use interfaces.


Providing high quality UK based server provision to ensure the maximum performance for your website while ensuring the integrity and security of your data.

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Social Media
Protecting your brand across the social media sites, ASM will develop branded business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Linked In and Google+. We can connect the accounts together and steer you clear of the many pitfalls that can arise from setting up business accounts on these platforms.

Customised Profiles
All the major social media sites offer the option of ‘skinning’ your profile with your own design elements. Using our design experience ASM can develop unique and eye catching customised pages that retain the essential elements of your company brand identity.

Not sure how to make social media work for your business? ASM can offer training sessions to show you how to manage and develop your social media presence. We also offer a review service to provide feedback and action points to further develop your social media posts in the future.

Google Adwords
Setting up and managing Google Adword campaigns. ASM can integrate these with your Google Analytics accounts to ensure that you have full visibility of the conversion costs. We can manage the campaigns or provide consultancy advice to ensure that you generate the maximum return from your budget.

Don’t have time or resources to post on a regular basis? We can manage the pages on your behalf, posting on a regular basis and engaging with your customers to develop your social media reputation.

Promotions & Competitions


Providing high quality UK based server provision to ensure the maximum performance for your website while ensuring the integrity and security of your data.

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UK Based
UK based servers located in London Data Exchange (LDeX) for maximum search engine optimisation gain.

Flexible packages
Whatever your hosting requirements we can tailor a custom package that delivers the resources you need.

Modern, monitored and updated servers protected by a full package of ConfigServer services to ensure data security.

Mirrored server plus daily, weekly and monthly off site SAN backups means triple redundancy for maximum protection of your valuable web resources.

cPanel Access
Full cPanel access on all our hosting packages to provide you with the maximum control over your hosting account.

Fast and responsive technical support.  Advice and consultancy to ensure your hosting is optimised for your business.


Internet visibility is extremely important for every business. A robust program of search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for any business looking to grow and develop through online channels.

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Do you feel that your website is under performing in the search results? ASM offer a free 30 point audit with action points identified to help you to identify where your site needs developed. Contact us today for your free audit.

White Hat
All our SEO tricks are ‘white hat’ – meaning that they are ethical and approved by Google. They may not be the quickest methods but they are sustainable and deliver far better results in the longer term.

‘Content is king’ in the eyes of Google so developing a website that is a valuable information resource is essential to ensuring good rankings. ASM can advise on the best way to structure and layout your content and can provide a full copywriting service if required.

Link Building
Link popularity is one of many important factors in search rankings and we can provide quality link building strategies. These include directory submissions, blog commenting , article submissions and blog posting.

Website Construction
The construction techniques and coding used in your website can have a huge impact on your search engine rankings. All ASM’s sites are coded to be search engine friendly.

Google Webmaster Tools
Tracking site usage through Google Analytics, installing an XML sitemap, Google Places listing, Google site verification and many other tools are available for your site to allow you to maximise its potential. ASM install these as standard and can advise or manage all aspects for you.

Mobile Apps

Full design, development and management service for apps on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With experience developing apps across a wide range of industry sectors we are passionate about developing apps that will enhance and help grow your business.

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Cross Platform
Apps developed for both Android and iOS devices. Both platforms are unique but we can develop apps that remain consistent across the two operating systems ensuring your brand identity is maintained.

Add Value
Mobile apps provide a focused route to delivering a service directly to customers. In sectors that see repeat use of a service developing a bespoke app to deliver this service can simplify the process for the user and increase the customer retention rate.

Generate Income
You may not have an idea for the next Angry Birds app but every app has the potential to develop an income. Our team can help you develop the app to maximise the revenue generated whether through app sales, in app purchases or advertising revenue.

Smartphones and tablets have limited screen space so it is essential that the design is a top priority. Good design will also connect with your website and traditional brand identity to provide a single cohesive identity.

Making an app work is one thing, making it work and providing a seamless user experience is quite another. Our experience means that we can identify and develop a navigation structure that allows your customer to interact with the app smoothly and efficiently.

The fast paced world of mobiles and tablets sees new operating systems, screen resolutions and new technologies launched on a regular basis. To keep your app moving forward requires regular app updates and ASM can plan, program, launch and manage these for you.

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